What Are The Best Hearing Aids?

This question used to be very simple. The hearing care industry has expanded greatly and now offers many different products. Just like all technology, hearing aids are advancing quickly and have many more features than before.

What Are The Best Hearing Aids?

Unfortunately, hearing aids have had a negative reputation and a stigma attached due to outdated views on what they look like and who they’re for.

Now we see a wider range of people taking advantage of what today’s advanced hearing technology has to offer. There are all types that serve different needs and they come in many different styles as well.

The best hearing aids are the ones that address your specific needs. You may need them to excel at work, thrive at home, or for continuing with your favorite hobby.

Whatever the case, having a hearing aid that is custom fit to you is the best hearing aid.

As Los Angeles’s leading specialists for hearing & balance, we’re here to help you find the right hearing solution for you. This article advises on key need-to-know questions that will ensure you make the right decision for you.

Who Benefits From Hearing Aids?

Those who benefit most from hearing aids will be anyone with a mild-severe hearing loss.

Without a comprehensive hearing assessment with a doctor of audiology, no one can be sure whether they have a hearing loss, and if so, the severity of it. It’s often hard to recognize a hearing loss in ourselves since it occurs so gradually, meaning changes in our ability are subtle.

Many people we work with have benefits through their work that help with the costs of hearing aids as well. This is a huge advantage, as it lets them get hearing aids as soon as they need them.

Different Styles Of Hearing Aids

With so many options to choose from, it’s good to have a working knowledge of hearing aids and the initial styles you’ll have to choose from.

Behind The Ear

Although this is the largest type of hearing aid, its size is for a good reason. By fitting your hearing aid behind your ear, there is more room for advanced technology. This will be the best fit for people who have a severe hearing loss, as it provides many settings and custom features to address specific hearing problems.

Receiver In The Ear

This is a hybrid version of the behind-the-ear style of hearing aid. It’s a more discreet option than the behind-the-ear version. It also offers a more natural hearing experience, as the speaker is located inside your ear canal. This hearing aid will assist most hearing challenges but isn’t as effective as the behind-the-ear style.

In The Ear Canal

This style is custom molded to fit your ear perfectly. The fit is essential, as this type of hearing aid fits deeper in your ear canal. It may require a little getting used to, as it requires a steady hand to insert and remove due to its size.


This hearing aid fits entirely within your ear and is only accessible via a small handle used to insert and remove. Due to its size, adjustments need to be made remotely, as it is so tiny there is no room for buttons or dials. In some cases, the patient can make these adjustments themselves via an app on their phone. Because of this, it helps to be a bit tech-savvy to make adjustments on the fly if need be.

Completely Invisible

As one of the first of its kind, this design fits entirely within your ear canal just past the first bend. Because of this, it is also controlled via an external source, and adjustments cannot be made via the hearing aid itself.

Are More Expensive Hearing Aids Better?

The more sophisticated devices do have artificial intelligence, which means they can read the situation you're in and then react to it.

So, when you go into a noisy place, they'll know that you're surrounded by noise and they'll automatically pick up noise around you.

This is what is called directionality. As you go up in price, that artificial intelligence or directionality just helps you more in specific situations.

How To Find The Best Hearing Aids For You

Partnering with an audiologist is the first step to finding you hearing aids that will effectively treat your hearing challenges.

We work with all the top manufacturers, as they each offer something unique for patients. Our favorites are Oticon and ReSound, as they’re at the forefront of leading innovation in new technology and offer a wide range of products to cover many levels of hearing loss.

To find out exactly which one is for you, we will start with a comprehensive hearing assessment. This will tell us everything we need to know about how you hear and how to improve it.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to call us anytime. We are always happy to have a friendly no-obligation chat about the health of your hearing.




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