The First Signs of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss presents itself very gradually compared to other medical conditions. This gives people plenty of time to adapt and keep their challenges concealed from those around them.

The First Signs of Hearing Loss

Diagnosing hearing loss has its own set of challenges since each person deals with it differently. Unfortunately, we have seen many patients wait too long and end up causing more damage than was necessary.

Only once the problem becomes severe do people seek help. While we can still assist these patients, it’s more advantageous to identify a problem early on and receive professional treatment at that point.

Here are the first signs of hearing loss for those who think they are developing a problem. If any of them sound familiar, or you suspect a loved one is showing signs, please schedule an appointment at one of our convenient locations around Los Angeles.

Most Common First Signs

Volume Of Electronics – One sure way to recognize hearing loss is if you find yourself increasing the TV or phone volume. If you watch TV with your loved ones, they’ll be the first to let you know if you turn the volume up too loud.

Shouting Or Speaking Over Others – Because hearing loss often occurs gradually, your family may not notice this as much. But if you have met someone recently and they commented on how loud you are speaking, then that could be because your hearing has diminished, and you’re compensating by speaking louder or talking over others because you didn’t recognize that they were speaking in the first place.

“What?” Or “Pardon Me” – If you find yourself using these terms more and more, then it’s a clear sign that your hearing is not only in decline but needing some professional attention as well. This common first sign is usually met with humor, as the younger members of your family may see this as an opportunity to make light of your age.

The Blame Game – Shifting attention off yourself and on to others is another common sign of hearing loss. This method has been used for decades, as it quickly takes the focus off your hearing and puts it on someone else’s inability to enunciate. If you have accused someone of not speaking loud enough, then you may have blamed them for a challenge you’ve yet to address.

Exhaustion – Listening diligently to each word people say throughout the day can take a lot of effort. Experiencing hearing loss is not easy, and it can cause you to feel tired and worn out. If your energy levels are down at the end of each day, hearing loss may be the cause.

Deciphering Multiple Sounds – This symptom is more prominent in public spaces such as restaurants. With so many other people around and other background noise present, you may find it more challenging to focus on the conversation happening at your own table. Blaming the music volume or other patrons is expected and a first sign of hearing loss.

If these signs sound familiar to you or a loved one, schedule a comprehensive hearing assessment here.

How To Prevent Hearing Loss

There are steps we can all take to protect our hearing. At this time, there is no cure for hearing loss, but with our experience and assistance, we can manage any degree of hearing loss you’re experiencing.

Prevention is still our greatest weapon against declining hearing. If you work in a factory, any kind of repair shop, or a construction site, then you should be wearing hearing protection.

This can come in the form of small foam earplugs that are barely noticeable. They can be easily fit, and the soft foam allows them to form to the specific contours of your ear. Most patients who use them report forgetting they are even wearing them after a short time.

For those who participate in loud sports or hobbies, we also recommend hearing protection. Here in Southern California, we love our motorsports, boating, and going to concerts. All of these activities threaten the longevity of our hearing health.

What Is The First Step To Treating Hearing Loss?

To treat any level of hearing loss, we first need to perform a comprehensive hearing assessment. Throughout this exam, we will physically check your ear for any wax or fluid buildup.

After that, we head into the sound booth to administer a series of sounds at various volumes. How you react to these sounds will give us the information we need to make a recommendation.

Our tests are in-depth and examine every aspect of your hearing. They are much more advanced than any online test and therefore we can make the correct diagnosis for you over the long term.

If you have any questions, we can always be contacted by phone and are always standing by. The hearing of everyone in Southern California is our top priority.


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