Take Advantage of the Latest Advancements in Hearing Aid Technologies

Every year, new technologies appear in the world of hearing aids, making the process of improving hearing a constantly advancing one. Whether you have mild to moderate or even severe hearing loss, the new technologies have something that can make your life easier and your hearing experience better. Learn more about the latest advancements you can benefit from.

Doctor audiologist showing smartphone app for adjusting hearing aid settings

Hearing Aids that Work with Your Cell Phone

Having a hearing aid that works with your cell phone allows you to take calls without worrying about not hearing the person on the other end. They also allow you to stream audio and even get GPS directions directly to the hearing aid.

Hearing aids that work with iPhone devices are easy to set up. There are more of these than hearing aids for Android, though you can still find options for both types of phones.

When you set up the connection between your hearing aid and your phone, your phone can also let you find the hearing aid buds if you lose them. You can also get an app for making adjustments to volume and more.

With some hearing aid models, you may have to purchase an extra clip to stream music and take phone calls.

Hearing aids that work with your phone also allow you to watch movies and other content, even with headphones on.

Some also allow you to connect with your audiologist directly, especially if there is a malfunction in the hearing aid. If you have trouble with the settings of the device, many of these options let your audiologist make changes remotely.

FDA-Approved OTC Hearing Aids

In 2022, the FDA finalized a rule allowing hearing aids to be sold over the counter.

FDA-approved OTC hearing aids are hearing aids that you can purchase without a prescription. It is still best to see an audiologist who can provide an accurate diagnosis for your hearing loss, help you choose the best hearing aids for your particular hearing loss, and ensure that your hearing aids are programmed correctly and working well for you.

For people with mild to moderate hearing loss who are over 18 years of age, OTC hearing aids may seem like a good solution, but we recommend consulting with a trained hearing specialist before making a purchase.

If hearing aid cost is a concern, the hearing professionals at American Hearing & Balance carry many affordable options and we offer a 45-day trial period for all our hearing aids, allowing you the option to receive a refund or try an alternative hearing aid style or brand.

Like over-the-counter hearing aids, we have many styles of hearing aids that are compatible with many types of phones, working with apps to help you maximize their ease of use.

Programmable Hearing Aids

Programmable hearing aids allow your audiologist to program the hearing aid to your exact hearing loss needs. These aids allow you to hear the sounds you want to hear in everyday life while diminishing those you don’t want to hear.

You can also choose from default options or programs that target specific environments and activities, like:

  • Home

  • Theater

  • Parties

  • Music-listening

You can ask your audiologist to install all of the programs you need. Some of the ones you may want to consider are those that allow you to speak on the phone and those that enhance your ability to listen to music with or without headphones.

Discover State-of-the-Art Hearing Aids at American Hearing and Balance

You don’t have to settle for standard hearing aids when you have options that allow you to hear all of the nuances of everyday life. There is a hearing aid out there for everyone who needs one, and you can expect even more advancements as the years pass.

At American Hearing & Balance, we provide the help you need to find the hearing aid that lets you enjoy sound once again. With expert audiologists and access to the latest technological advancements in the hearing aid industry, you can depend on us if you want to get help with your hearing loss.

If you have mild to severe hearing loss, getting help is a phone call away. Contact us at American Hearing & Balance right now to hear more about our options.


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