Finding the Right Provider for OTC Hearing Aids: What You Need to Know

Over-the-counter hearing aids are one of the latest advances in the world of hearing loss. In 2022, the FDA approved the sale of hearing aids to adults with mild to moderate hearing loss in the Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act, allowing you to purchase what you need without a prescription or a hearing exam. If you are considering purchasing OTC hearing aids, you need to find the right provider to ensure you get quality options. Learn what you need to know about choosing OTC hearing aid providers.

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Choose a Provider that Offers Prescription and Non-Prescription Hearing Aid Options

The provider you choose has to have both of these options to ensure you are getting a quality product. Providers that offer prescription hearing aids such as audiologists and hearing instrument specialists can help you understand the medical jargon you may see on the hearing aid packages.

Providers that only sell OTC hearing aids will not have as much knowledge about the degrees of hearing loss that different hearing aids can help with, so they may not be able to advise you on whether you can benefit from an OTC option.

Determine What Features Are Important to You

Consider the kind of batteries you want the hearing aid to have. Most hearing aids have replaceable or rechargeable batteries, with rechargeable being the most popular option.

Battery life is another thing to keep in mind. How often do you need to wear your hearing aid? If you need it for the entire day, check that a rechargeable battery can last that long. Replaceable batteries can last between three and 20 days.

You also want to consider whether you want hearing aids that have companion apps. These apps allow you to adjust volume and other settings, all from your smartphone.

Think about whether you want a hearing aid that offers Bluetooth pairing. Bluetooth makes it possible for you to answer phone calls while wearing your hearing aids, letting you get a clearer sound while you talk. Hearing aids that work with iPhones and Androids have this option.

Decide whether you want self-fitting OTC hearing aids, which contain an app that will initiate a hearing test when you wear the device, calibrating the sound according to your needs. Though expensive, self-fitting hearing aids can be helpful if your everyday life requires you to navigate many different noise levels.

If you don’t want self-fitting, you can choose pre-set hearing aids. They come with settings already calibrated to certain noise levels.

The most sophisticated OTC hearing aids have automatic sound adjustment settings. After the initial calibration, these hearing aids use artificial intelligence to adjust sound settings. They can reduce background noise and amplify the voice closest to you without requiring any prompting from you or any fiddling with settings.

Ask for Tips on Using Your New OTC Hearing Aids

It can help to ask questions from the provider on how to use your hearing aids. The knowledge with which they answer these questions can tell you a lot about whether you should purchase from them.

You want to choose a provider that knows how your hearing aids function and can help if you run into problems.

The provider should also be able to offer tips on how to adjust to wearing your hearing aids.

Looking for Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids in Los Angeles? We Can Help

FDA-approved OTC hearing aids are an option you are considering, call American Hearing & Balance for guidance in choosing the right style and features. We can help you choose the right hearing aids for your hearing loss and lifestyle. There are different price ranges depending on the features you choose.

If you need over-the-counter hearing aids in Los Angeles, we can help at American Hearing & Balance. We offer a wide variety of hearing aid options to help you find the right level of hearing loss help.

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