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Typography Examples

Typography Options

This is useful to look at when you are reviewing your typography settings in the theme and making adjustments.

Typography H1

Used for the Hero Headline. Typically, you only want to have 1 H1 on a page. This is per, Google's SEO and Local Search recommendation.

Typography H2

Section Headlines. Typically used for the main section headlines.

Typography H3

Block Headlines

Typography H4

Typically used as a Section Sub Headings

Typography H5

Block Sub Headings and sometimes used for navigation links.

Typography H6

Alternates for nav and sub nav links

Body 1 - Section Copy

Body 2 - Block Copy

Subtitle 1 - Footer Section Headers
Subtitle 2 - Footer links and copy
Button - Buttons duhCaption - small text used for items such as terms and conditions and copyright textOverline - I never know what to do with this.
Material UI Typography is used to manage typography on this website.

For typography details you can visit the Material UI documentation.