A Doctor of Audiology’s Advice on Preventing Hearing Loss

We’ve been helping residents of California for over 40 years to achieve better hearing. As a family-oriented care provider, we pride ourselves on offering patients exceptional service and a world-class care experience.

A Doctor of Audiology’s Advice on Preventing Hearing Loss

Throughout those years of experience, we have gained knowledge and insight that only 40 years of experience can teach you.

We focus a lot on prevention because it is the best way to avoid hearing loss. As of right now, hearing loss is not curable. Yes, we can treat it and help manage it to ensure you lead a fulfilling life, but any damage can be prevented.

As a doctor of audiology, it’s my duty to help everyone not only treat their hearing loss but prevent it as well. Here is a guide on how to effectively protect your hearing and your family’s hearing as well.

Occupations That Can Cause Hearing Loss

Many people take pride in their work and really enjoy it. It can be a great source of pride as well as a way to provide for your family.

However, some occupations can be very hazardous to your hearing health. Some may be too proud to admit this because they may think they have become accustomed to it. I can assure you that your ears never get used to exposure to loud noises.

Those who work in factories, repair shops, and construction sites are at risk the most. Being around loud machinery for long periods of time will damage anyone’s hearing; it’s just a matter of time.

While we are still able to help and treat those who have developed hearing loss, we want everyone to know that prevention is not only possible but preferred. Your best protection against hearing loss is through routine comprehensive hearing assessments.

Activities That Can Cause Hearing Loss

We are so lucky to live in Southern California where the weather is (mostly) great all year long.

We can participate in many different types of sports, hobbies, and activities. While we want to make sure that you get to keep doing what you love, we also want to ensure the health of your hearing.

Motorsports is one of the leading causes of activity-driven hearing loss. Cruising on your touring bike or jumping the sand dunes on your dirt bike are great ways to spend an afternoon, if your ears are protected.

Motorsports aren’t the only activities that require attention and awareness. Boating, going to concerts, and the shooting range are all very dangerous for your hearing. Knowing this is the first step to protecting your hearing.

How To Protect Your Hearing

As of right now, earplugs are the best way to protect your hearing to keep enjoying the things you love. Earplugs come in many different shapes and sizes. Depending on what you use them for, you can choose which one best suits your needs.

Small foam earplugs are the most versatile and will provide ample protection from all loud noises. They are affordable and easy to keep on you or leave in your car.

If you plan to use earplugs often, then you can invest in custom earplugs as well. This is popular among motorcycle riders, especially those who ride up and down the coast. Contact us to find out how we can help you with custom hearing protection.

For the musicians out there, they make specialized earplugs for you. They block out the louder noises but still allow you to hear your music perfectly. Some have even said they prefer playing with earplugs, as they can hear small details easier.

If your work is causing you hearing problems, then you may be able to get hearing protection from your employer. Louder factories may require more than just foam earplugs and you may need headphone-style ear protection.

Final Words Of Advice From A Doctor Of Audiology

Unfortunately, we have seen too many times, people come in with hearing problems related to their work or hobbies. We don't want anyone to have to stop what they’re doing. If you enjoy going to concerts, we want to protect your hearing so you can continue to go and hear them!

Having a comprehensive hearing assessment done is the best way to discover how you hear and how to protect it. Even if you suspect nothing is wrong right now, having a blueprint of how you hear efficiently will greatly help us in the future should your hearing start to decline.

We have been serving the Greater Los Angeles area for more than 40 years and we aren’t going anywhere. If you have any questions, please call us immediately so we can protect your hearing and you can get back to your work, hobbies, and family.




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